Whole school approach

When considering the best way to carry out remote learning, the following should be reviewed:

  • Devices students are using.
  • Platforms students are using.
  • Whole school approach to technology. It’s important that where possible, a familiar and consistent approach should be used across classrooms in a school.

All teachers in Victoria need to be aware of their responsibilities with respect to teaching students with disabilities.

General links to Victorian education department on inclusion, disability support, discrimination.

It’s important that any approach you adopt fits within any school framework that has already been defined as well as any ILP your students have.

Intellectual disability


My intention is to produce a website that provides information on assistive technology available to staff and students and suggestions of how they can be integrated into the online classroom.

What supports have the family implemented? Some families engage tutors – is that a factor in this instance?

Phone calls

Audio books

Predictive text

Ios15 photo and read


Check the DVS and Aust facebook pages for resources.

Emails to parents

Whole school approach
Consistent approach between classroom
Add audio to your kahoots

Broken link checker

Online security

Eye strain . fatigue related to computer use.


PowerPoint – including audio